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Muskoka's rugged landscape is home to some gorgeous waterfalls... many are easily accessible, while others are tucked away off the beaten path. Join Helen for a lesson at one, or more, of the region's gems, or simply have her guide you to some of her favourites!

Choose from a full or half-day adventure -- with photography instruction or without.

Photography Instruction: Waterfall photography is an art in itself. In this course, you'll learn how changing your settings can create dramatic results, from freezing the water's motion to creating a soft, silky effect. You'll also learn tips and trick for creating images with impact and how accessories can help you achieve different results. This course is suitable for those who have at least a basic understanding of how to operate their camera. If you're interested in this course and are a "complete beginner", I'd recommend looking at my Photography Fundamentals course, which offers a field trip to a waterfall in the 3rd session!


  • 4 Hour Adventure, including in-field photography instruction: $375+hst

  • 8 Hour Adventure, including in-field photography instruction: $675+hst

  • 8 Hour Adventure (no photography instruction) $550+hst

  • Sunrise to Sunset Adventure (no photography instruction) $795+hst

What's Not Included:

  • Transportation to/from Muskoka

  • Accommodations

  • Photography Gear

  • Items for your personal comfort, including snacks, hydration & personal protective equipment (PPE)You must have a tripod for this course. I will provide you with a list of suggested gear and personal items you may wish to bring for your comfort. It's important to note that you'll learn with whatever photography gear you have... you don't need a "really good camera" or expensive lens. We'll work with what you have! Suggested items are just that - suggested to bring if you have them. Of course, I can't be held responsible for your growing gear wish-list after your lesson ;o)​​

Payment Details:

A 50% +HST non-refundable payment is required to secure your adventure date, with the balance due 7 days before your adventure starts. Payments may be made by eTransfer, or credit.


Can I bring my husband/wife/friend?


  • 4 Hour Adventure with instruction: additional participants pay 50% 

  • 8 Hour Adventure with instruction: additional participants pay 50% 

  • 8 Hour Adventure no instruction: additional participants pay $250+hst per person

  • Sunrise to sunset no instruction: additional participants pay $200+hst per person

Maximum 4 people per group. For larger groups, please contact Helen to discuss booking a private workshop.

Can I add on days?

  • Yes! Many clients find multiple days really amp up their learning (as well as the photo opportunities). Additional days of equal or fewer hours than your initial day may be booked at 75% per day.

Will we be hiking?

Yes. All waterfalls require a short to moderate hike, with varying degrees of difficulty getting down to the falls. All adventures around waterfalls incur a level of risk. You must be sure-footed, and comfortable around fast-moving water, navigating steep slopes, and walking on uneven ground with your camera gear without assistance in order to participate in this adventure. You are responsible for your own safety, and will be required to sign a waiver. There are no "washroom facilities", so please be prepared (mentally & physically) to go "al fresco" and use a tree -- and pack out all garbage, including used toilet paper. 

What time of year do you recommend I book? And what about weather?

Waterfalls are beautiful year-round. Since Mother Nature determines what we'll get, we work with what we have. Spring typically sees a high volume of water and a fast flow. Depending when you go, trees may not be fully green, and bugs may be out. Summer is gorgeous and lush, but the flow may be lighter and slower. Fall includes beautiful colours, but flow can be unpredictable from light to raging. Winter is gorgeous, but the water can sometimes freeze over, so early or very late winter are your best bet. Since a few factors can greatly impact the flow of water, we will take these into account when determining dates to book. Adventures take place rain, snow, or shine.

When do you offer this adventure?

This adventure is offered year-round Weekend bookings in September, October, and December, and on long weekends incur an additional fee of $100 for each weekend day. Fridays and Mondays are counted as weekend days on long weekends. I'm busiest in the spring and fall, so I'd advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: all participants are required to sign a release, indemnity & non-disclosure agreement. Participants will not disclose, or take others to, the locations we visit, nor may they offer lessons, workshops, tours, or similar activities in the area. Participants may not engage in behaviour that disturbs or harasses wildlife, such as baiting, luring, or flushing. Any such behaviour will result in the lesson ending immediately, with no refund. Part of nature and wildlife photography means respecting our subjects, and the environment in which they live.

Please contact Helen​ today book your private Waterfalls of Muskoka adventure!

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