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Commissioned Fine Art Photography

Nature & wildlife is my passion, so I'm always on the look-out for new opportunities and happily take assignments and commissions for landscape and wildlife fine art photography.

Do you have...

A gorgeous waterfall on your property?

A family of deer or bears who call your place home?

An owl in your trees?

A feeder full of humming birds?

Wolves or coyotes using your property as a pass-through?

Nesting birds or baby animals?

A stunning flowering tree or vibrant fall colours?

A cool old gnarly tree?

So often I hear, "You should come to my house, I have lots of wildlife!", or "I'd really love to get a picture of this but I don't have a good camera.".


Get In Touch with me and let me know what you'd like me to photograph and where it's located!  If it's located on private property, please make sure you have the authority to grant me free access or can put me directly in touch with the owner.  In some cases, I will require a signed property release.  Not sure if it's something I can (or want to) shoot (only ever with a camera!!)?  It never hurts to ask!

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