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Photography Workshops

Sometimes, you just need to immerse yourself in nature, surround yourself with like-minded people, and spend good, quality time with your camera to reignite your passion -- or light a brand new spark -- for photography. Small group workshops are perfect for this! I name the time and the place, and we meet as a group of individuals with different backgrounds, ideas, and skill levels, with an opportunity to learn hands-on in the field while enjoying laughs and adventures.

Upcoming Workshops
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Past Workshops in 2024
Stay tuned for these again in 2025
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What they're saying...

"I loved the instant comfort and camaraderie with the other participants and Helen. I've already raved about the Musher and Helen to everyone I know. Looking forward to attending a future workshop!"

Sherri F.

"It was excellent!"

Karen M.

"Great knowledge of park and location of wildlife and landscapes. Very helpful in helping you get the photographs you want. She is a fun, nature loving, experienced guide. Highly recommend her programs and workshops."
Al Q.

"A photography weekend with Helen is truly a gift of friendship, learning and experience .. thank you!"
Fiona T.

"Helen was very knowledgeable and approachable. The lovely gift bags were a nice touch. The surveys beforehand ensured that everyone felt comfortable and safe."

Theresa M.

"I just learned more from you in the last 15 minutes than I have the whole time I've been doing this!"

Peter C.

"My skills took a huge leap today thanks to Helen's feedback."
Joan M.

"I loved my weekend spent with Helen at the Women’s Photography Weekend in Algonquin! Great instruction, awesome leadership, top notch location, great people and the list goes on and on! Thanks Helen!"
Vicky L.

"Thank you for a great workshop. I look forward to the next!"
Wesley R.

"A women's photography weekend with Helen is truly a gift of learning, experience, passion for wildlife/the outdoors and friendship. She knows the area well and was eager to share her knowledge with the group. I would highly recommend your workshops and look forward to participate in future ones! Thank you Helen!"
Stacy A.

"You have an exceptional ability to explain the technical aspects of photography that maximizes learning in the field. You are constantly adding little gems of advice, tips, and things to consider when photographing wildlife or a landscape setting which reflects how much you love what you do and the enthusiasm you have to impart your knowledge on to others. I came away from this workshop excited, inspired, and much more confident in my photography skills."
Belinda H.

What I've learned from you these past two days is brilliant, simply brilliant!

Janice S.

"Learning new information about settings, I ended getting a much higher percentage of great shots."
Carol S.

Have a workshop idea you'd love to see come to life? I'm all ears - send me an email!

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