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Photography Fundamentals

Designed for those who have a digital camera to which different lenses can be attached (called a dSLR or now mirrorless, also), but are true beginners. Let me help you learn your way around your camera and how to change the settings to get the results you want. I'll start by teaching you the components that go into making an image – primarily aperture, shutter speed and ISO. They may not make sense now, but they will when we’re done! Those technical aspects will give you a good foundation before we discuss some of the more artistic elements that will help you translate what you see into an image you'd be proud to hang on your wall.

The course is 6 hours in length and broken into two sessions that are 3 hours each, followed by an optional 3-hour field trip to a beautiful Muskoka waterfall. In the first two classes, we'll sit down with your camera in hand. I'll show you slides on my laptop that will include text definitions, and visuals such as graphs, diagrams and photo examples. I will ask you to do some exercises with your camera and props, and will give you handouts you can refer to (and make notes on).

Location: Helen's gallery in Muskoka (1736 Falkenburg Road, Bracebridge)!

Session 1 – Technical Components of Making an Image (3 hours)

  • Navigate & set up your camera properly – learn what the buttons do and what those letters and numbers mean, set the correct picture format, size and colour space

  • Understand “exposure” – learn about the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed & ISO), how to use the light meter in your camera, and how to read the histogram to determine if your exposure is correct

  • Discuss the various camera program modes (e.g. M, A/Av, S/Tv, P on the top dial), what they do and how and when to use them

Portion of course fee due upon booking Session 1: $275 +HST

Session 2 – Artistic Components of Making an Image (3 hours)

  • How to manipulate the exposure triangle to achieve different results, e.g. freezing motion v. showing motion

  • Composition and design elements

  • Tips & tricks for creating images with impact

  • Useful accessories for landscape & nature photography

  • Review & critique homework images from Part 1

Portion of course fee due upon booking Session 2: $250 +HST

Session 3 – Field Trip -- Optional (3 hours)

  • Visit a Muskoka waterfall to practice what you’ve learned, while having Helen there to answer questions and help you trouble-shoot

  • Experiment manipulating the exposure triangle to achieve different results with the same subject

  • Learn how to look at the scene to identify and incorporate design elements

  • Back of camera review / critique

  • Come away with some images you'll want to print and frame!

Portion of course fee due upon booking Session 3: $225 +HST

Fees are non-refundable and due in full at the time of booking each session. You are free to book the sessions any length apart, but it's recommended you don't let too much time lapse between sessions to ensure what you've learned stays fresh in your mind.

This course is designed to be completed in full, as the sessions build on each other and cover all the basics, and introduce some more intermediate information. If this course does not fit your needs and you are interested in booking one session in isolation, please contact Helen to discuss.

If you would like Helen to come to you, that can be arranged. Please note that travel fees may be required.

Please contact Helen today book your first class!