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Do you follow my adventures on social media & would love to join me sometime? Did you love the sound of one of my small group workshops, but you'd prefer more individualized attention? I offer one-on-one adventures in and around Algonquin Park & Muskoka. These include instructional options if you need some help with photography, but are also offered for those who are happy with what they know and are simply looking for someone to show them around. Some of these adventures are similar to the small group workshop I offer, while others are things I often do solo in the park. The list is growing... and if you have an idea, I'm always adventure-ready!

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A "solo" version of Helen's popular workshop in June! Paddle down a creek in Algonquin Park's interior that's best known for its wildlife viewing! This adventure is about experiencing the tranquility and beauty of Algonquin's backcountry from a canoe. We'll be spending all our time on the water, gliding through lily pads, and past beaver lodges, as we search for moose, eagles, loons, and other waterfowl. You'll be amazed at how quickly the time goes by, as you experience Algonquin at its finest. This adventure starts and ends with a water taxi ride up the park's largest lake, which is a thrill in itself!

Choose from a 4 hour or 8 hour adventure from June through early September.

Everyone should see Algonquin Park from the water -- it's a truly spectacular experience! Join Helen as you explore waterways, hidden bays, and gain a whole new perspective of the park.

Choose from a 4 hour or 8 hour adventure from June through October.

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At the southern tip of the Canadian Shield, Muskoka's rugged landscape and abundant lakes have created a host of beautiful waterfalls in the region. Join Helen for a full or half day of "waterfalling". This is a solo version of Helen's popular workshop in October.

Adventure available year-round.

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