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Some of my best adventures in Algonquin Park have been on the water, in my kayak. Away from the hustle and bustle of Highway 60, exploring tucked away bays and secluded islands, & simply finding out what's around the next corner. It's a fantastic way to experience Algonquin and get some unique images.

Paddle in the Park.jpg

This adventure is about gaining a whole new perspective on the park, and finding different opportunities for landscape and wildlife images. If you haven't seen Algonquin from the water, you're missing out on a truly spectacular experience! Especially if you time it right for loon chicks.

Choose from a 4 hour or 8 hour adventure.

What's included:

  • Guiding and in-field photography instruction by Helen

  • Day use vehicle permit (required for parking)

What's Not Included:

  • Transportation to/from Algonquin Park

  • Canoe/kayak & paddling gear (Helen can point you in the right direction for a rental, if required!)

  • Accommodations

  • Photography Gear

  • Items for your personal comfort, including snacks, hydration & personal protective equipment (PPE)


  • 4 Hour Adventure: $475+hst

  • 8 Hour Adventure: $675+hst

If you'd like to book this adventure and do not require in-field photography instruction, subtract $100 from the cost.

Payment Details:

A 50% +HST non-refundable payment is required to secure your adventure date, with the balance due 7 days before your adventure starts. Payments may be made by eTransfer, or credit.


Can I bring my husband/wife/friend?

Absolutely! Bring a friend or family member for an additional $100+hst per person. You must be travelling in the same vehicle together. Maximum 4 people per group. For larger groups, please contact Helen to discuss booking a private workshop.

Will we be hiking?

No. We will be spending the day on the water in kayaks (or a canoe). We'll meet at a prearranged place, park and launch the boats from there. We will stop and head ashore for bathroom breaks, as necessary, but will spend as much time on the water as possible. There are no "washroom facilities", so please be prepared (mentally & physically) to go "al fresco" and use a tree -- and pack out all garbage, including used toilet paper. 

What time of year do you recommend I book? And what about weather?

It depends what you want to see! I feel that any time on the water in Algonquin is great. If you're specifically interested in photographing loon chicks, I'd highly recommend early to mid July. If you're interested in photos of the chicks riding on their parents' backs, then we have about a 7-day window after they hatch. To catch this requires some vigilance and quick scheduling to get us out on the water at the perfect time - and in a location where the loons have nested. Adventures take place rain, snow, or shine.

When do you offer this adventure?

This adventure is offered June through October. Weekend bookings in September, October, and December, and on long weekends incur an additional fee of $100 for each weekend day. Fridays and Mondays are counted as weekend days on long weekends. My preference is to schedule lessons and adventures in the park on weekdays, as those are often less busy with people. I'm busiest in the spring and fall, so I'd advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: all participants are required to sign a release, indemnity & non-disclosure agreement. Participants will not disclose, or take others to, the locations we visit, nor may they offer lessons, workshops, tours, or similar activities in the area. Participants may not engage in behaviour that disturbs or harasses wildlife, such as baiting, luring, or flushing. Any such behaviour will result in the lesson ending immediately, with no refund. Part of nature and wildlife photography means respecting our subjects, and the environment in which they live.

While every effort is made to find wildlife to photograph, there are many factors outside of our control and, therefore, no guarantees are made.

Please contact Helen​ today book your private Paddle in the Park adventure!

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