Fine Art Choices

When choosing art for your home, cottage or office, there are so many factors to consider, which is why I offer a number of options for each image: medium, size & frame.

Choosing the image itself is the easy part! Often times, we simply fall in love with a piece. When it comes to where you'll hang it and if it will go well with your colour palette, you can make anything work. I've seen people change their entire colour scheme just to include a piece they love. Admittedly, I am guilty of this myself!


Choosing the medium -- photographic print or gallery wrap canvas -- seems to be an easy decision for most people. Most already know whether like the traditional look and feel of a print in a frame with glass, of if they prefer the texture and depth of canvas. Canvas tends to soften the details of a print slightly, offering a more artistic quality. When choosing art for more humid areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, many will go with canvas to avoid issues such as curling or rippling of photographic paper, which is more sensitive to moisture than canvas.

Note: while prints and canvas are the only two mediums I offer on my website, more choices are available. If you are interested in metallic photographic prints, metal (printed on metal as opposed to metallic photo paper), or acrylic, please contact me for a customized quote.


Front of canvas

Fron of canvs art

Back of canvas

Back of canvas art

Hang with D-rings & wire (pictured) or sawtooth

D-ring and wire


In my opinion, size is the most important choice you will make when purchasing fine art (aside from loving the image, that is!). This will ultimately determine where you can and cannot hang the piece. For example, if you choose a piece that is 36"x24", you will not be able to hang it on a wall that is only 24" wide. That is quite obvious. What's not so obvious is hanging smaller sized art in larger spaces. For example, if your sofa is 7' long, a 12"x8" piece of art hung above it would look odd. To make smaller pieces work in larger spaces, I'd recommend clustering a number of smaller pieces together -- a grouping by theme or colour can be a great way to fill the space nicely while allowing you to showcase a number of pieces you love.

It's not always easy to understand how sizes look on a wall, so I've prepared a few different examples to give you a sense of sizes in relation to one another, as well as to common room types.

The sizes I offer online are 12x8, 18x12, 24x16, 30x20, 36x24, 48x32, and 60x40. All measured in inches, as that's the standard unit of measure for art in North America.


These sizes are width by height because the majority of the images I offer are in landscape orientation. Why do these feel "backwards" from what you're used to? Image are commonly referred to in portrait orientation, which is height by width. So, if you are interested in any of my images that I offer in portrait orientation, you would simply "flip" these numbers (e.g. 8x12, 12x18, 16x24) to get your accurate measurements.

Canvasses stacked by size
Canvas sizes for a living room
Canvas sizes for a bedroom
Canvas sizes for a dining room
How different sizes look in a living room
How different sizes look in a bedroom
How different sizes look in a dining room


Finally, frames add a beautiful finishing touch to almost any image. I am forever amazed at how images can be transformed with the simple addition of a frame. If you are choosing a traditional photographic print, you will need to frame it prior to hanging it on your wall. And while gallery wrap canvasses come ready to hang (the canvas is wrapped around a wood frame that is 1.5" deep so all you see is printed canvas), adding a frame gives it a more finished and sophisticated look. Online, I offer float frames for canvasses, but at the gallery, I also offer barn board backing for canvasses, which I absolutely love!

Photographic Print Frames

Our frames are classic gallery frames made from solid wood with a satin finish. The frame is 1.25" high and 1.5" wide and available in black, espresso and white. Framed prints include a white archival mat with a standard boarder size of 2" on either side (4" total) for prints up to 24"x16", and 3" on either side (6" total) for prints larger than 24"x16". To accurately measure your space to accommodate a framed print, you will add 4" to both the width and the height, e.g. a 12"x8" print would be 16"x12" after it is matted and framed. For prints larger than 24"x16", you will need to add 6" to both the width and the height, e.g. a 36"x24" print would be 42"x30" after it is matted and framed. Please note that in all cases, the mat will overlap the print by approximately 1/8" on all sides.

For additional framing options, please contact Helen for a custom quote.

Black frame for prints

Black gallery frame

Espresso frame for prints

Espresso gallery frame

White frame fo prits

White gallery frame

Canvas Float Frames

Known as a float frame because the canvas appears to be floating inside the frame, each frame is custom made from solid hardwood and finished in the colour of your choice - black, espresso or white.

For additional framing options, such as custom barn-board backings, please contact Helen for a custom quote.

Black float frame for canvasses

Black float frame

Barn-board backing frame for canvas 

Barn board backing frame for canvas
Espresso float frame for canvasses

Espresso float frame

Custom frame for canvas triptych

Custom frame for canvs triptych

Float frame close-up

Close up of canvas float frame

Stained barn-board frames for canvasses

Custom barn-boframes for canvassesrd