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Help me design your perfect workshop!
Have you ever looked at a photography workshop and thought if you could just make a few tweaks, it would be perfect? Help me make those tweaks!

**For this survey, Im specifically interested in your thoughts about an adventure involving winter wildlife as I shape my 2024 Wilds of Algonquin Photography Adventure.**
Have you participated in one of Helen's workshops?
Which workshp(s) have you joined?
Would you participate in another?
Considering the focus is wildlife photography in Algonquin Park in winter, what duration would you prefer?
Considering your answer above, what length of day(s) would you prefer?
What timing works best for you - considering both your preference & availability
Traditionally, I have held this workshop at the end of November / beginning of December. Does this timing impact your decision to join?
Would you prefer to carpool or drive by yourself?
Would you like to receive a $50 credit towards my 2024 Wilds of Algonquin Photography Advenue and get first dibs to sign up?

I greatly value your time and opinions - thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback!

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