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Workshops / Lessons / Sports & Action Photography

Sports & Action Photography

Two hours one-on-one with your digital camera

An hour and a half will be in the field, photographing the action / sport of your choice. You'll learn the settings to use, plus tips & tricks to capture fast movement. The last half hour will be spent on post-processing, where you'll learn how to edit your photos for maximum impact.

Location: in-field portion determined by the sport of your choice. Post-processing at your place or mine.

Course fees: $275 +HST

Note for Sports & Action: you must have a basic understanding of your camera and how to use it. Post-processing will be shown in Adobe Lightroom and teaches the basics of what to do with your images after you've created them. Techniques may be applied to any photo editing software.

Please contact Helen today book your Sports & Action Photography lesson!

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