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Image Critique / Portfolio Review

Interested in feedback on your photos?  Would you like to know what's working and what isn't?  Maybe you'd like some suggestions for how to improve your images?  I offer remote & in-person image critique and portfolio reviews. Feedback can include acclamation and suggestions for improvements in the capture stage (exposure, camera settings used, composition etc.), and editing (cropping, exposure adjustments, colour adjustments, fine-tune editing etc.).


How does the remote critique/review work?

There are a few options:

  • Online Gallery -- send me a link to an online gallery of up to 20 of your images to review and critique. I provide thorough and constructive feedback by email.

  • Private Facebook Group -- if you're on Facebook, send me the email address associated with your account and I'll set up a private group for the two of us. You'll share up to 20 of your images in the group and I'll provide thorough and constructive feedback directly under each image. I like this format, as it allows us to have a conversation under each image!

  • Email -- if you don't use Facebook or have a site where you can create a gallery of images, you can send me your files using a free large file transfer service called WeTransfer (no account is necessary!). I'll ask you to number your files so it's easy for me to reply with thorough and constructive feedback on each image in an email.

How does the in-person critique/review work?

The in-person review happens at my gallery in Muskoka. I have a large screen TV that allows us to review your images, while being spaced 6' apart. You can bring your images on a thumb drive, bring your laptop/MacBook, or we can view the images via an online gallery you set up in advance. I allocate 4 hours for your session, so you're welcome to bring as many images as you'd like. I'd recommend you prioritize them, though! Some clients who bring their own laptop/MacBook/iPad will re-edit their images as we discuss them, which they've found more beneficial than simply taking notes.


Course fees:

One session -- $275 +HST

Two sessions -- $500 +HST

Three sessions -- $675 +HST

You're welcome to space your sessions out however you'd like, as long as the sessions are completed within a 12-month period. 

Payment is non-refundable and due at the time of booking your session. For multi-day options, the first session is $275 +HST, the second session is $225 +HST, and the third session is $175 +HST -- each due upon booking the respective session. I accept eTransfer.

Interested in receiving help with your editing, in addition to feedback on your images? Helen can blend your session! Clients who are looking to level-up their skills quickly, those who are interested in ongoing support, and those who are frequent shooters or travellers find blended sessions very beneficial.

Book your image critique / portfolio review today!

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