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Post-Processing / Image Editing


Interested in taking your photos to the next level by learning about post-processing? Need some guidance on setting up Lightroom, or help understanding how to import and catalog your images? Have Photoshop and would like to know how to use it? Do you have Lightroom & Photoshop, but are not sure which to use for what? I can help!

I offer post-processing sessions in 4-hour increments:

  • 4 hours (one half day) - $275 +HST

  • 8 hours (two half days) - $500 + HST

  • 12 hours (three half days) - $675 +HST

Sessions are informal and customized to your learning needs. Topics we can cover include:

  • Lightroom-specific: setting up a Lightroom catalog, Helen's easy file-naming system to help keep your files organized, importing images from your memory card, importing images from your computer, catalog preferences & settings, Helen's coding system to categorize and keep track of "keepers", using Photoshop to edit an image in your Lightroom catalog

  • Basic editing: cropping, exposure adjustments, colour adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction, saving for print or online use

  • Creating watermarks

  • Removing dust spots & unwanted elements from an image

  • Photoshop-specific: an introduction to layers, adding text to an image, creating posters

  • A look at Helen's editing process from start to finish

How does it work?

The sessions take place at my gallery in Muskoka. I have a large screen TV I hook up to the computer that allows us to see the screen, while being spaced 6' apart.


We use YOUR images, and have a couple of options, depending on your set-up:

  • Bring your laptop/MacBook, and we'll edit on your computer

  • Bring your images on a thumb drive and we'll edit them on my MacBook

Interested in an editing session, but can't make it to Muskoka?

No problem! We can "meet" online.

You're welcome to space your sessions out however you'd like, as long as the sessions are completed within a 12-month period. 

Payment is non-refundable and due at the time of booking your session. For multi-day options, the first session is $275 +HST, the second session is $225 +HST, and the third session is $175 +HST -- each due upon booking the respective session. I accept eTransfer, credit & PayPal.

Interested in receiving feedback on your images, in addition to editing help? Clients who are looking to level-up their skills quickly, those who are interested in ongoing support, and those who are frequent shooters or travellers find blended sessions very beneficial.

Book your post-processing session with Helen today!