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Go Early. Go Often.

When you frequent places in search of wildlife, you often come across habitats that are ideal for certain species. In many cases, those are hot spots where you regularly find animals. Other times, you’re left scratching your head wondering why you rarely (if ever) spot them there. And in some cases, it’s simply a dream location - if you could place an animal there, it would be just perfect!

Last year, during my Algonquin Awakening Photography Adventures, we saw moose in many places I’d never seen them before, which is obviously exciting!

As we approached this particular habitat where I frequently see beavers and otters, my mind quickly registered there was unusual splashing - it was a bull moose!

I had never seen a moose here, so was absolutely thrilled to not only spot one, but also be able to watch him as he waded along the water’s edge with the morning light dappled in the forest behind him.

When asked what’s the one piece of advice I’d give new photographers, I usually say, “Go early. Go often”. Persistence pays off.

I’m hoping we’ll get equally lucky during this year’s Algonquin Awakening Wildlife Photography Adventure. I still have space available this April if you’d like to join me in Algonquin Park in search of wildlife to photograph.


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