Due to the vast differences of shipping costs for the various products I sell, my website is designed to only accept orders that ship to Canada. I do ship to the USA and internationally, but they require a custom quote. Greeting cards are easy because they're letter mail, so to get around this and to ship to the USA, you must select the appropriate amount to add to the Canadian shipping costs, which will be appled at check-out.


For example: shipping 1-2 cards to Canada = $2.00. Shipping 1-2 cards to the USA = $2.50. The $2 will be added in your card upon check-out, so you must add the additional $0.50 here.


Please select the appropriate supplementary shippnig costs:

1-2 cards = $0.50 (shipping total = $2.50)

3-5 cards = $1.25 (shipping total = $3.75)

6 cards = $1.10 (shipping total = $6.10)


Please note: Enter the recipient's name and their USA shipping address in the field provided below. Upon check-out, please enter your Canadian billing address. If you are an American or international customer, please contact me to arrange alternate payment.

USA Shipping: Greeting Cards

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    Custom print & canvas sizes available!

    Looking for a specific space to fill? Maybe you need a tall skinny piece for your hall, or a long narrow piece above your bed? Please send me a message and I'd be happy to help!

    SHIPPING to Canadian Territories, USA, and International Destinations:

    Yes, I ship worldwide! Given the vast differences in shipping costs, I don't currently offer shipping to these destinations via web orders.

    For greeting cards: You may add USA or international shipping to your order! Please click here.

    For prints & canvasses: please get in touch with me and let me know what you're interested in purchasing (item, quantity & size, as applicable), and include your full shipping address. I'd be happy to provide a quote. Thank you!

    Proudly Canadian. Based in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

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