Calendar Shipping to USA

To ship your calendar to the USA, please select the number of calendars you're purchasing and add it to your cart.


1 calendar = $6

2 calendars = $12

3 calendars = $18


If you are purchasing more than 3 calendars, please contact Helen with the number of calendars and the state you're shipping to so she may provide you with a shipping quote.


Calendar Shipping to USA


    A note about shipping:

    Yes, I ship worldwide! Given the vast differences in shipping costs and products coming from different locations, I have to set things up a little differently.

    For cards: You must add shipping to your order based on the number of cards you're purchasing and the shipping destination

    For prints & canvasses: Shipping within Canada and to the US will automatically populate in your cart. For international destinations, please get in touch with me and let me know what you're interested in purchasing (item, quantity & size, as applicable), and include your full shipping address. I'd be happy to provide a quote. Thank you!

    For Wall Art:

    Please select Medium, Size & Finishing. All fields are required before price is displayed

    Custom print & canvas sizes available!

    Looking for a specific space to fill? Maybe you need a tall skinny piece for your hall, or a long narrow piece above your bed?

    Please send me a message and I'd be happy to help!