The Ripple Effect

The Story

I was visiting my parents on a beautiful August day... the first time I'd seen them in 2021! We were relaxing on their balcony after lunch when my Mum pulled out the book she was reading (Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven) and we started chatting about it. She said that the premise of the story is something she really believes in - we never really know the impact one small action may have on someone, like a pebble thrown into a water and the ripples that result. My Mum goes on to say this is why we should always try to be kind.

I have seen the ripple effect play out many times - sometimes it's something small, sometimes it's a grand gesture. But for better or worse, it has changed the course of things.

Unexpected kindness: it has an incredible ability to affect positive change.

There are *so* many people struggling out there. They're hanging on by a thread. Their heads are barely above water. They've been holding on with all they've got, but their strength is waning. Maybe they're struggling with mental illness. Maybe they're fighting a disease. Maybe they've suffered a great loss. Maybe they're in financial hardship. Maybe their world has changed and they're having a tough time navigating it. Or maybe it's a combination of the above.


The last two years have been hard. We've been isolated. We've been separated from our support systems. We've endured major changes. We've been plunged into uncertainty. It's been essential for most of us to focus on ourselves just to make sure we come out the other side in one piece. But at times, that means we've had less in the tank to give to others.

I think, more than ever, the world needs some unexpected kindness.

I want to start a ripple of goodness. Will you help me?

The Ask

I want you to think of everyone in your life. Sometimes, it's obvious who in your social circle is struggling, but often, people put on a brave face. Consider who in your life could use some unexpected kindness. I mean, really use some. Then send me their story by Wednesday, August 18, 2021, confidentially, by email. I'll review all the stories and then choose an individual I'll sprinkle with unexpected kindness.

I will not share their story, or their name. I will not even share the random kindness that will be sent their way. It will just happen!

You don't have to follow me on social media, or share this, or do anything but consider those around you.

In your email, please include:

  • Your friend's story;

  • Their first and last name;

  • Their email address; and,

  • Their mailing address.

I will use this information ONLY to do something kind for them. I will not keep it on file, or add them to a mailing/newsletter list. 

Please do not tell them you're nominating them for this, as that negates the unexpected nature, which I believe is what makes this act magical.

While you're thinking of all of those in your life, if you're so moved, sprinkle your own kindness and send another ripple out into the world.