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The Wilds of Algonquin Photography Adventures

Join a small group of photographers for an exclusive opportunity to search for Algonquin Park's wild faces to photograph! While most of my workshops include a plan for both landscape & wildlife opportunities, these adventures are mostly dedicated to finding and photographing our furry & feathered friends! But please tuck a wide-angle lens in your pocket, as we'll be trekking (and tracking!) through some of the most beautiful landscape Ontario has to offer -- and photographing its beauty while on our search (we're just not planning for sunrise & sunset locations).

Choose a 2- or 4-day adventure where we'll track wildlife using all the clues Mother Nature provides. No formal teaching, or classroom time, just immersing ourselves in nature with our cameras and a few like-minded souls (maximum of 4 - plus me!).

As the weather cools off and the park gets quieter, wildlife prepares for winter -- in particular, beavers are building their food caches and reinforcing their lodges, and moose are browsing to replenish their energy after a busy mating season. While there are never guarantees of wildlife sightings, we stand a pretty good chance of encountering Algonquin's famous residents, as we explore some trails, as well as hot-spots in the park.

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Date Options:

2-day adventure:

  • Saturday, November 25 & Sunday, November 26, 2023
    (1 space remains)​​

  • Monday, November 27 & Tuesday, November 28, 2023
    (2 spaces remain)

4-day adventure:

  • Saturday, November 25 - Tuesday, November 28, 2023
    (1 space available)

What's included?

  • Two (or four!) full days of guiding in & around Algonquin Provincial Park

  • Informal photography help & back of camera critique in the field, as required

What's not included?

  • Accommodations

  • Transportation & Gas (carpooling is recommended)

  • Meals & Snacks -- being outside and active in late fall & winter generally consumes more energy; therefore, it's highly recommended that you bring more food & hydration than you think you'll need. There are NO concession facilities open in the park at this time of year, so please pack a lunch. 

  • Photography gear, appropriate clothing, & anything required for your personal comfort -- weather this time of year can be unpredictable, at best! It is recommended that you dress in layers, including proper cold weather clothes and footwear. Crampons or ice cleats are highly recommended, as the terrain may be icy and slippery. A full list of suggested gear and personal items will be provided after your deposit has been received.

All participants will be required to sign a waiver.


2-day adventure is $650 +HST per person

4-day adventure is $925 +HST per person

Payment Policy:

A 50% non-refundable payment is due at the time of booking to secure your space in the adventure, with the balance due Tuesday, September 26, 2023. If you are booking within 60 days of the start of the adventure, fees are due in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy:

Please be sure you check your schedule prior to booking, as your initial payment of 50% is non-refundable. In the event you pay in full prior to the cancellation deadline (61 days or more prior to the adventure), you will be refunded 50% less transaction fees. Cancellations on or after Tuesday, September 26, 2023 are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What can you expect during the workshop?

  • Long days in the great outdoors!

    • We will be meeting around 6:45 - 7:15 a.m. each day

    • Lunch break for roughly 1-1.5hrs around 12:30 p.m.

    • Quick comfort breaks throughout the day

    • Finishing around 4:30 - 5 p.m. each day

  • A fair amount of driving -- it takes roughly an hour to drive from one side of the park to the other and we will likely drive the full width at least once per day.

  • Potentially hiking anywhere from 5-12km/day on trails that may be muddy, or snow & ice covered, and include roots, rocks, hills & stairs. While this is designed to be reasonably accessible, cold weather hiking is always more challenging. If you have mobility issues or health concerns that may prevent you from fully enjoying the adventure, we'd suggest contacting Helen to discuss other options. It is every individual's responsibility to know their limitations, pace themselves accordingly, and participate only in what they're comfortable and confident doing

  • While there is no formal instruction during this adventure, Helen is there to help those who have questions or require individual assistance. She will also offer back-of-camera critique to those interested - and you're bound to pick up some tracking tips & tricks! Helen will discuss ethics in wildlife photography at the outset and expect everyone to respect the park and her inhabitants. There is to be absolutely no feeding of wildlife, as this is prohibited in our parks.

  • A small group (4 max!) of like-minded people who will probably become fast friends!

  • A mix of photography skill levels.

  • Adventure rain, snow, or shine -- warm, or cold!

Please note: I highly recommend bringing a telephoto lens to get the most out of this opportunity. While we may find ourselves reasonably close to some wildlife, part of respecting the wildlife we photograph is keeping a safe distance. The most typical range of focal lengths used are between 200mm and 600mm. If you do not have a telephoto lens and you do not want to rent one, you can still participate and enjoy yourself, but please be mindful that your images will reflect your gear's capabilities, and as such will show more of the landscape (which I, personally, love!). If you are concerned about your gear, please feel free to contact me prior to booking.

There are never guarantees when it comes to wildlife, but here are some of the animals
we might see during our adventures:

American marten (pine marten)






White-Tailed Deer

Red Fox

Algonquin Wolf

Red Squirrel

Canada Jay (grey jay)

Blue Jay



Wild Turkey

Pine/evening grosbeak

Need some ideas for accommodations for this workshop? Here's a list with some links:

About Helen E. Grose - Your Guide & Instructor!
Helen E. Grose

Helen is a professional photographer who lives on a farm in Muskoka an hour away from the west gate. She fell in love with Algonquin Park in high school on a canoe trip, and has since experienced some incredible moments with many of the park’s famous residents – moose, foxes, wolves, bears

and beavers. She will take you to some of her favourite places and share tracking tips & techniques that will help increase your chances of finding and photographing wildlife, safely and ethically.

Helen's images have been published around the globe and she's often been described as an animal whisperer. Currently, Helen teaches nature and landscape photography at Georgian College and prides herself on using simple, easy to understand language.

During this adventure, Helen will impress upon you ethics in wildlife photography, as it’s an important part of any authentic encounter. While every effort is made to find wildlife to photograph, there are many factors outside our control and, therefore, no guarantees are made. 

About Algonquin Provincial Park

Originally established as "Algonquin National Park of Ontario" in 1893, Algonquin Park is the oldest provincial park in Canada. Due to a movement to create a true national parks system in 1913, its name was changed to what it's known as today, Algonquin Provincial Park. The park covers approximately 7,653 square kilometres of land between northern and southern Ontario. Roughly a 3.5 hour drive north of Toronto, a 3 hour drive west of Ottawa, and a 3 hour drive south-east of Sudbury, Algonquin Park is easily accessible to a large population, making it a favourite playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The mix of coniferous and deciduous forests found within the park's boundaries make it home to a diverse number of flora and fauna. As a result, Algonquin is one of the most well-researched parks in the country. Algonquin Park has a rich history, which includes logging, railway and, of course, the arts as a favourite subject - and place of death - of the famed Tom Thompson.

For information about bookings & the adventure please contact Helen.

*Note: While we will do our best to locate wildlife to photograph, there are many factors outside our control; therefore, no guarantees are made.

We regret that we cannot be held responsible for Mother Nature's mood. We'll simply do our best with whatever weather she presents us!

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