Guest Speaker - Helen E. Grose

Keynote & Guest Speaking

Need a speaker for your camera club or special interest group? I offer a few different presentations that include a balance of information and images that might be of interest to your group:
~ Finding & Photographing Wildlife
~ Becoming a Wildlife Detective
~ A Photographer's Life in Muskoka
~ Sports & Action Photography

I customize each presentation to suit the interests and levels of your group, as well as the required speaking time.

Why me?
I've been the one sitting in that seat, listening to the presenter at the front of the room. More times than I could count, I felt I saw some nice images, but never came away with anything tangible that helped me develop as a photographer. My aim as a presenter is not only to renew passion for photography and inspire people to "get out and shoot", but also to share tips and information that will help them improve. I try to teach in such a way that I cover all learning styles. My presentations include text, images, videos, sound clips and stories, all designed to keep the audience engaged. 

It's never too early to start planning for your meeting. I have booked some presentations a year in advance. Please get in touch to inquire about rates and availability -

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