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Love photography and would like help to improve your skills?  Interested in photographing nature and wildlife, but don't know where to go? Want to learn how to take better photos, but feel intimidated by technology (or people who talk in technical terms)? Feel shy in large groups or don't feel you learn enough?

I can help!  I offer one-on-one and small group guiding and lessons on a number of photography subjects, including camera basics, finding & photographing wildlife, sports & action photography, and landscape photography. 

I strive to provide a comfortable learning experience where you don't feel shy asking questions and don't need a dictionary to understand what I'm saying.

Private Lessons

Photography Basics 

$150 for two hours one-on-one with your digital camera
You'll learn about the different camera settings and how to use them, plus the basics of what makes a good image and how to achieve that.

Location: your place or mine!  

Sports & Action

$250 for two hours one-on-one with your digital camera
An hour and a half will be in the field, shooting the action / sport of your choice. You'll learn the settings to use, plus tips & tricks to capture fast movement. The last half hour will be spent on post-processing, where you'll learn how to edit your photos for maximum impact.

Note for Sports & Action: You must have a basic understanding of your camera and how to use it. Post-processing will be shown in Adobe Lightroom and teaches basics of what to do with your images after you've created them. Techniques may be applied to any photo editing software.

Nature & Wildlife 

$325 for 7 hours of intensive one-on-one instruction in Algonquin Park.

You'll learn about the different animals you might find, their habitats and behaviour. You'll learn tracking techniques, landscape & wildlife composition as well as optimal settings for different situations. And, you'll have the opportunity to explore & photograph Canada's oldest provincial park.

Note: While every effort is made to find wildlife to photograph, there are many factors outside of our control and, therefore, no guarantees are made.                                                                                               


This is a great option for those who would like to learn more about nature & wildlife photography or are simply interested in photographing something specific (wildlife, landscapes, waterfalls) and don't know where to go.

Have a small group of friends looking for a guide? Are you a small organized group interested in learning something new while spending a day outside? Are you flying solo and hoping to "tag along"? All these require different levels of work and organization. Please contact Helen  ( for a customized quote and be sure to include as many details as possible; including, the number of individuals, skill level of participants, interest in photography instruction and guiding or simply guiding to photo opps, expected duration and any budget requirements.

Algonquin Adventure - spend a day in Canada's oldest provincial park! Opportunities are endless, offering an array of beautiful lake and forest landscapes, as well as some of Canada's favourite animals - moose, foxes, wolves, beavers and loons.

Note: While every effort is made to find wildlife to photograph, there are many factors outside of our control and, therefore, no guarantees are made.

Waterfalls of Muskoka - spend a day in cottage country exploring and photographing beautiful waterfalls.

Note: rain fall has a great impact on the flow of waterfalls, so this will be a consideration when booking.

**Note for all services: additional travel fees may be applicable for locations more than 40km from my home-base in Bracebridge**

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