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Muskoka Porch Fine Woodworking

Life in Muskoka is unique... we have quaint rustic cabins nestled in the woods and grand lake house mansions spanning hundreds of feet across the shoreline. We have sweet brick bungalows in small towns and old farmhouses in rolling rural countryside. We have formal dining rooms and casual indoor/outdoor Muskoka rooms. We have decks, docks, lawns, patios and porches. And all of these places and spaces are near and dear to our hearts as part of the Muskoka feeling that can be found nowhere else in the world.

At Muskoka Porch, our mission is to provide furniture that serves your unique Muskoka lifestyle - both inside and out. Pieces that will become part of your most memorable moments and be handed down from generation to generation. We hand-craft functional art, inspired by nature, right here in Muskoka. We work with new and reclaimed wood to make one-of-a-kind pieces that are finished to enhance the material's natural beauty and character.  

Some of the pieces we create include:
~ Dining tables
~ Coffee, side and entry tables
~ Chairs
~ Beds
~ Frames
~ Shelves
~ Planters
~ Benches

Most of our work is commissioned and custom-made to order, but we are always working on new ideas and offer some ready-made pieces. Stay tuned for our collection of outdoor cedar furnishings that are currently being crafted in our workshop!

We are happy to provide quotes for custom work and wholesale orders - please email us at Have an idea? Send it our way - we'd love to help you bring it to life.

To see some of our works in progress, follow us on Instagram @MuskokaPorch and Facebook.

Portfolio of Work

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