About - Helen E. Grose

Helen E. Grose is a professional photographer in Muskoka who offers portraits, sports, special events & editorial photo coverage, fine art prints & merchandise, private photography lessons and guiding.

I am...

A dreamer who believes life’s best moments are lived off the beaten path.

Someone who sees beauty in everything.

An introvert who loves to observe and capture the world around her.

A perfectionist who obsesses over the little things.

Torn between abiding by rules and a keen desire to break them.

Cautious but jump in with two feet.

Fascinated  ~ truly, madly, deeply! ~ by nature and wildlife.

Patient yet filled with wanderlust.

A believer that art is more emotion than technique.

A farm girl who grew up in the city.

A daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner and a Mum of four kids… who all have four legs.

About My Photography
I started my photography career travelling throughout Canada, the United States and Europe photographing professional sports events. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to capture celebrities on the red carpet, professionals at work, amateur and professional athletes giving it their all, pets at play, and families sharing unforgettable moments. My work has been published around the world, but my favourite photo will always be my next one. Let’s make that one of you!

Area of Service
I call Muskoka home, but am always happy to travel for work.

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Many thanks to friends and fellow photographers for capturing these images of me doing what I love!

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Helen is a member of Muskoka Arts & Crafts, one of Ontario's oldest arts organizations.

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